Dinner Date

It’s the annual Askean dinner tonight so I’m off to the bright lights of Well Hall in a couple of hours.

Terry is coming with me – not to the dinner, she is far too cultured for that (or for me to be fair). She’s seeing some friends of ours while I tip up to the bun fight.

On the road I will have to restrain myself from shouting out “oh for fuck’s sake” at the pig herders and tractor drivers as she doesn’t like me shouting (or me frankly) – I told you she was posh didn’t I?

I will still give the other idiots on the farm roads the finger though; although only when she isn’t looking or dozes off, obviously.

You might have noticed that somewhat unusually I used a semi-colon in the previous sentence and been impressed with my command of English – actually Google stuck it in automatically and I couldn’t be arsed to change it.

I didn’t manage to get to any of the pre-match lunches this season so am looking forward to seeing a bunch of (equally) old mates and regaling them with how brilliant I was when I played. Some of them have memories worse than mine fortunately.


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