The French Connection

Whenever you see ‘handbags’  in top rugby these days there tends to be more pushing and shoving than a full on ‘Anthony Joshua’.

It’s certainly not because the players have gone ‘soft’ it is simply that they know a punch will almost inevitably get them an ‘Eddie Wearing’ (“Ee’s gone for the early bath”).

Of course there are always the odd exceptions to this rule

On Sunday in the Paris derby between Stade Francais and Racing 92 an exception was demonstrated just before halftime when Pascal Papé and Henry Chavancy had a slight disagreement –

Ignoring the half a gallon of claret, the commentator humorously remarked “I think he might be in trouble here” which was about as understated and wrong as Butch’s words to Sundance!

The Stade Francais manager Gonzalo Quesada was also looking for a second career as a stand-up –

“We knew very well that he could have small clashes during the match and we insisted on this aspect all week, he takes a red on the first hook, it is a pity for him and his career.”

A shame for getting a red on the first hook? – is a bit like expecting to be let off a homicide because it’s the first time you’ve done it!

The real shame was that it was former French captain Pape’s last game – one I guess he’ll remember for a while.



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