My Kind of Town

I’d never heard of Gorlitz in Germany but it sounds like the sort of place that would be ideal for a rugby tour.

They are trying to attract young people (okay so I don’t exactly qualify) because it is basically a ‘pensioner’ place (for which I am a shoe-in). As a result the population is declining faster than Jeremy Corbyn’s poll rating.

The city, which served as the setting for a series of Hollywood films, including Inglourious Basterds and The Grand Budapest Hotel, is hoping to lure newcomers from all over the world by offering them freebies during a two-week temporary stay in its picturesque historic centre. There is even free beer laid on by Landskron, the local brewery.

Free beer? – perhaps Jeremy would be doing better if he added that to the manifesto.

Since German reunification in 1990, the population of Gorlitz has fallen from 90,000 to 56,000. The over-80s are set to make up 40% of the population by 2030.

Think I might try and organise an Askean Vets XV to go there next Easter – as long as we only play their over 80s team, obviously.



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