Super Poor

I scored my worst week for the season with Round 10 Super Rugby predictions.

Just 4 out of 7 will knock my cumulative score down below 90%.

It wasn’t just the results I screwed up, but some of my points differences were about as close as the Tory lead in the polls – and just as depressing.

I had the Highlanders by 13 – they won by 43

The Chiefs by 50+ when the actual difference was 7

The Crusaders by 20 and they ended up 34 ahead.

However the real icing on the cock was forecasting that the Rebels would beat the Kings on the road by less than 10 – in fact the Kings stuffed the Aussies by 44-3

Glad I didn’t waste money on a lottery ticket last night – except of course I did – so instead of sipping cocktails off some exotic nubile Doris on a tropical island this morning I’m sitting here writing this nonsense.

Mind you I wasn’t the only one to get a few wrong –

As usual I will have my weekly go at the stupid Super 18 format – as it currently stands the Brumbies on 18 points and with just 3 wins out of 9 are in line for a home draw in the play-offs.

The Chiefs (37 points), Hurricanes (33), Highlanders (28) and Sharks (28) would all get the thrill of having to play on the road.

In fact the six teams below the Brumbies in the standings all have more points and 2 of those would miss out altogether.

Hard to believe that the current structure is being criticised isn’t it?


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