AA Membership Drive

I’m sure that this post won’t be of interest to…..well, anyone really, but I’m a bit stuck for stuff to write today.

I woke up to find a seriously bad video from Harro involving an awful rendition of him murdering ‘Rocket Man’.

He was in a pub with a random bloke who I didn’t recognise and whose voice was equally as terrible.

I have absolutely no idea why he thought it was a good idea to record this or more especially to send it to me.

I also don’t know what he’d been drinking – or for how long, but I’m guessing that he hadn’t just arrived there from the gym.

Our ensuing conversation – also pretty boring – and went like this.

“My name’s Harro – and I’m a total piss head”

“Hello Harro” (obviously a Japanese meeting then)

As you can see Harro is a complete dickhead whereas I am a suave and debonair man about Turnip Town


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