The Same Old Tory

I’ve got a confession to make – and no it’s not the one about my obsession with that Debbie Doris from Texas. It is however quite likely to stop a lot of people wanting to read my stuff and frankly I can live with that.

I own up to the fact that I’ve always been a Labour supporter, think Brexit is going to be a complete fuck up and that I never imagined that ‘King Dong’ would end up in the White House. As a combination these make my rugby predictions look nothing less than bloody brilliant.

It seems that I am doomed by a greater power (which I don’t believe in) to be forever disappointed and possibly to eternal damnation (or much more likely a visit from the tooth fairy).

My one source of comfort is Airdy’s insistence that 97% of those on the planet are complete twats and to be honest I think this explains every fuck up – certainly over the last year or so.

It also the probable reason why Mrs Mayhem has the highest rating of any PM for the last 40 odd years.

True to form the Nasty Party, supported by the right wing media are only talking about catapulting us towards a ‘hard Brexit’ whilst slinging mud at anyone who opposes them.

As a note the Express singularly failed to point out in their tweet that the UK trade with the EU is £240 billion – so that’s alright then, India can take up about 1 fucking percent!

Health and education have been entirely removed from their vocabulary to be supplanted by a constant repetition of the words ‘strong’ and ‘stable’ – neither of which can be applied to the NHS or schools.

The final Prime Minister’s Questions before the general election had just finished when an exasperated Paul Flynn asked the Speaker whether a microchip had been planted into Tory MPs that makes them say the words “strong and stable” every 18 seconds.

 Oh forgot – cream eggs are also on the agenda

It seems inevitable from the polls that the 97% will triumph and Mayhem will get her wish for a mandate to give the EU a damn good thrashing – bit like Custer and the Apaches!

To the 97% and the other poor sods – ‘for what you are about to receive’ – or not in the case of the NHS and education.

Still you know best dear!


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