Living in a Pig Style

Yesterday I posted about the stupid designer bag that looks just like an Ikea holdall (‘Bags of Fun’) – turns out it wasn’t the most moronic fashion item of the week – not by a distance.

An outfit called Nordstrum is knocking out jeans that come with mud on them – no really, look –

Nordstrum are apparently a ‘luxury fashion retailer’, which makes you wonder what they think everyday jeans look like!

Whoever came up with this one must have been completely off their face – or just been fired and wanted to leave behind a really big piss-take.

They are knocking them out at $425 a pair – which is really tough on us as the £ has plunged since bleeding Brexit, so the strides are a lot more expensive than they would have been last year..

Not to worry – if you are interested in getting hold of something like this I’ve got a couple of old pairs at the back of the sink – they’re covered in authentic turnip mud on and I’ll even stick one of the old fivers and some of Terry’s Oxys’ in the pocket – the one without a big hole, obviously.

They’re a right bargain at £80 a pop.








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