In the post above I have a pop at the lack of respect that the NZ media show to anyone who isn’t an All Black or play for one of their Super Rugby franchises (‘An Ugly Arrogance’).

This reached a new level of smugness in an article on Sunday in the NZ Herald.


The ‘supposedly’ humorous piece is stacked with insulting and disparaging inferences on how to stop the Kiwi rugby dominance –

1) Reduce the points for Kiwi tries.

2) Every time a New Zealand side scores more than three tries in one half, a player must come off for the rest of the match.

3) Limit the matches anyone with the name Barrett can play across the season. Maybe even put the Barretts into a Super Rugby draft, therefore allowing foreign sides to experience the pure joy of watching the Barretts run amok.

4) Limit the number of All Blacks allowed on the field at any one time for Kiwi franchises.

5) Ban Kiwi forwards from playing with the skill set of a back. Therefore, Cody Taylor’s flick pass last night to Kieran Read for that wonderful try would be penalised.

6) Finally, this is a rule I take out of the America’s Cup protocols. Kiwi sides may only hold two training sessions per week. Any other squad gathering will be considered a breach of Super Rugby rules and result in a loss of competition points.

It would be marginally less offensive if it was witty or amusing – I have no problem with piss taking (as you may have noticed)

Bit this  is just extremely disrespectful – something that rugby shouldn’t ever be.

Perhaps he should take note of what Mark McCall said  when asked about the ‘double’ –






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