Proof of Life

There’s a scene in Fawlty Towers (I know – another one!) In this one, Polly has ‘doctored’ the food for a pampered dog  (‘Kipper and the Corpse’)

Basil: What’s the matter with that dog?

Manuel: He is dead.

Basil : Well, he’s certainly struggling for life at the moment. A dead dog in the breakfast room. Egon Ronay would knock off a star for that.

Manuel :No, no, Mr. Leeman dead.

Basil: Well, that would explain a lot.

My rather tenuous point is that in Super Rugby the ‘threatened’ teams are currently also ‘struggling for life’

All four teams did well at the weekend – with two close losses, a draw and a win.

The Chiefs and the Bulls struggled to put the Force and the Cheetahs away – the Rebels held the Sharks to a draw in Durban and the Kings beat the Waratahs in Sydney.

Not that this will matter though – three of the four will inevitably be killed off before next season. It’s not their fault that they are doomed – it is the blokes who thought that an ever expanding tournament would work.

Whilst all four teams are in the bottom 6 of the overall standings – the Kings, Cheetahs and Force are above the Waratahs and Sunwolves – and the Rebels are ahead of the bottom placed Sunwolves (obviously) and have a game in hand over the Tahs.

As Basil would say “So you’ve got that sorted have you dear? Still you know best!”



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