Odd Ball

Some very odd results and scores in Super Rugby this week.

I did okay on my predictions – again! I had 6 right, a draw and one loss – but, apart from the Crusaders, Hurricanes and Highlanders I was miles out on the score differences.

And don’t ask about the Waratahs – how did then star studded Aussies lose in Sydney to the doomed Kings?

My brilliant prediction was the Tahs by 20+ ffs!

Almost as bad was the draw – in their entire Super (sic) history the rebels have never won a game in South Africa. They still haven’t of course but they held the Sharks to 9-9. The Sharks lost Andre Esterhuizen to a red card for a tip tackle but should still have romped it.

It was just about the most boring game of rugby that I have ever seen – at halftime I almost tuned over for the TOWIE Omnibus. Not really of course, but it was touch and go – which was pretty much what the match was.

I’ve decided not to award myself a half point for the draw – nothing to do with Airdy’s moaning about my scoring this time. But it was such a crap game and my score was so out (I had the Sharks by 20+ again) that I deserve bugger all – much like the players.

Due to the stupidity of the SR format the Brumbies remain in 4th having won only 3 matches so far and are heading for the play-offs. Teams 5 to 9 have all won more games and have more points – the team in 10th has the same number of points and is way off a play-off place.

Go figure!






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