League of their Own

There has been a fair bit of sniping over the last couple of days about England’s inclusion of Denny Solomona in the squad for the Argentina tour.

To be honest I’m in favour of a longer period of residency for eligibility, but as the rules stand it is legitimate for Denny to be selected. It’s also no big surprise if you’ve seen him play for the Sharks this season – or indeed before when he was in league rugby –


Not all League converts make it in Union and there have been more high profile failures than successes – but when they do they make it big.

Skill levels in League are high and there are some exceptional tries to admire –


And just yesterday Brisbane Broncos winger Corey Oates scored this remarkable touchdown –


Of course there have been some pretty impressive finishes in Union too –



Not least this one by Askean Dick Hills playing for Kent. Dick was also one half of the writing team for Morecambe and Wise – Ben, Jimmy, Lunny and I played alongside him when we first joined the club. Which dates us a bit – although he was about to retire from rugby at the time.



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