Becoming Idle

When Monty Python weleased ‘The Life of Bwian’ back in 1979, there was an outcry from the church that it was blasphemous – seriously? So much worse than turning a blind eye to the abuse of children by nuns and priests for decades then, eh vicar?

Personally I thought it was hilarious and it’s one of my favourite films, although I can appreciate that for some it is not as much fun as taking advantage of a choir boy.

‘I think the correct expression is ‘Jesus Wept’ and if that upsets those hypocrites in the clergy, then I’m bloody delighted

A short video was added yesterday on ‘The Poke’ site – it’s based on Eric Idle’s song at the end of the film –

To be honest I didn’t think this update was very good – but it’s infinitely better than what happened to all those kids in the ‘care’ of the religious orders that were supposed to protect them.

Since it’s a bank holiday I thought I’d finish on a funny scene from ’Bwian’ – I’ve added ‘What have the Romans’

‘ Welease Woderrick’ and ‘Biggus Dickus’ before –


So here’s ‘Romanes Eunt Domus’ for you –

Happy Easter guys – and always look on the bright side!


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