The Doze of Our Lives

You might just have noticed that I’m not a huge fan of ‘The Don’.

I have had a hard job keeping up with all his tweets and what he has actually been doing in the first 100 days of being in charge of the White House and more worryingly, the nuclear codes.

I was pleased therefore to find this report on his progress to date – I thought maybe I was being a tad unfair to his Royal Hairness.


My favourite one though is remembering that Trump spent a lot of time (and tweets) berating Barrack Obama for playing too much golf.

In his first 100 days Barrack played one round of golf – so far the ‘Don’ has played 17.

If I’d voted for him – which might have happened if I’d had a lobotomy – I suspect I could well be less than chuffed with his performance so far. Still, even with a lobotomy I’d probably be smarter than the muppets who did put him in the White House.

On the plus side he might just have knocked his golf handicap down a notch or two.


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