‘It’s that man again’ known as ITMA was a comedy programme that ran on the BBC through the Second World War.

Now Nigel Owens could take over the soubriquet as he is constantly providing his own comedy on the pitch – whilst keeping the game firmly under control!

He was at it again on Saturday at Irish Independent Park when he reffed the Muster v Glasgow clash –

Late in the second-half, Owens gave us another one of his classic moments, brilliantly chastising Munster’s Billy Holland, with tongue firmly in cheek, for a poor missed pass – his way of telling the player there would be no scrum.

Holland’s wayward pass came just after referee Owens called advantage over, and when the Munster second row enquired about whether his side could go back for the scrum, he was met with a one liner for his trouble.

“Advantage is over there lads,” said Owens.

“It’s poor play by you there on the pass. Under no pressure there.”

Lock Holland then responded with a quip of his own, after his side had messed up their initial advantage, by replying ‘cheers coach’ in response to the critique of his pass.

Shame Nigel wasn’t in charge the previous weekend when TJ Perenara managed to talk the ref into changing his decision (Mind Bending’ post – April 5th).

Nigel wouldn’t have had any of TJ’s nonsense – pity he can’t be in charge for the Lions test series isn’t it?



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