Fat Chances

I just came across a couple of articles that indicate  getting a bit pissed on French wine can actually make you dump a load of pork.

The first is unfortunately a bit more complicated than just getting stuck into a couple of magnums of Chateau Neuf and you need to buy other stuff to make it work apparently.

To be honest I couldn’t be arsed to go through all the details and watch the video but you may think it’s worth it I guess – especially if you’re carrying a load of extra timber –


When I saw that it cost $37 – down from $197 to be fair, I was somewhat sceptical. If it’s so bleeding marvellous why do they have to offer a stupidly massive discount?


Frankly I don’t need to read a book to find out how to knock back a gallon or so of Petit Chablis thank you very much. In fact having guzzled it I’d be rather surprised if I could focus on the words anyway – not unless they sent me a big print edition.

I was actually more impressed with a study from scientists at Harvard – their research is much more appealing for us porkers –


The University of Denmark also contend that those who drink everyday aren’t as chubby as those who don’t.

The study states that drinking two glasses a day can beat obesity – I have just a couple of points – who the fuck can stop at two glasses? And presumably for this ‘diet’ to have any hope of working you won’t be allowed to nosh anything else all day. In which case I’m not surprised you’re going end up dropping a load or lard!

Now where did I put the bastard cork screw?


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