Generation Game

Maybe it’s just me but I get right teed off when a TV show or film opens with some major dramatic event and then cuts to a blank screen with the caption ‘3 days earlier’.

It might not be 3 days, obviously – sometimes it’s ’48 hours’, ‘last week’ or ‘yesterday’.

I really don’t like watching what lead up to the big surprise – cos it won’t be a fucking surprise any more will it?

If I wanted to know what was going to happen I’d start at the bleeding end and work backwards.

It would be like the usherette pointing out that the “butler did it” as she shows you to your theatre seat or some knob telling you the final score when you’ve spent all day at work avoiding knowing so you can enjoy the recording.

Now that’s off my chest, I wanted to tell you about one TV series where the action dives back and forwards over 30 plus years without any warning or sub titles.

And it is brilliant.

‘This is Us’ is different from just about every other show on the box – it follows a family and how they grow up and change.

It is some of the best drama ever written for a TV series – as well as having a great cast and brilliant direction.

Season 1 just ended on Channel 4, so you are probably wondering why I’ve only just chosen to write about it here. I have no idea either.

But you can probably get a box set or watch it on that catch up thing.

The good news is that it has been so well received that NBC have just commissioned two more series.

I’m not surprised, but I am very very pleased.

One thought on “Generation Game

  1. Agree Dave, the best thing we have seen on TV for ages. We laughed, we cried a lot and we were transfixed. So well written. TV really can be great.

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