Apple Update

You will recall that I left you on tenterhooks yesterday, wondering if I’d ever get my WhatsApp stuff back on my new phone (‘Core Blimey’)

Okay, so that may be a little bit of an exaggeration but don’t pretend you weren’t just a little bit hoping I’d cocked it up totally. Like it or not – I’m going to update you anyway.

After several outbursts of “Oh for fuck’s sake” – which surprisingly didn’t help a great deal – I asked Lell if she had a clue as to what was needed.

If I told you that it took her less than half a minute to sort it, I would be exaggerating by some 20 seconds.

“Dad – you just had to put your name in – where it said ‘add name’ – sorry if it wasn’t very clear, you knob” she said as she handed it back.

So now WhatsApp works and I somehow (on my own) managed to reconfigure Facebook, Twitter and of course, my favourite porn app.

That’s not true obviously – I’m still trying to get Facebook back.

Rather stupidly I forgot to make a note of the correct passwords when I eventually worked out what they were. Obviously I remember the one for the best site –it’s ‘Debbie69’

That’s going to make it a right laugh if I drop the phone down the toilet like our friend Lin did this week –

Welcome to the 21st century! I’ve been doing all this since Wednesday! My v5 is still in the rice bag, some life has returned & it might b smart enuf for Dick. Don’t know if he’s smart enuf for it!! Ha! 

Have fun! (Oh! The porn will download much faster & u can store much more!! U will need to decide whether to put THAT in ur cloud!!)

Luv to all xoxo have a great weekend!!

And I still can’t work out why everyone is obsessed with bloody clouds!


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