It’s Not Cricket

Last week a judge let a bloke who viciously assaulted his wife walk away because to lock him up would have fucked his chances of getting a contract as a professional cricketer with Leicestershire (‘Judge Mental’).

Judge ‘Dread’ also took the opportunity to make himself look even more moronic by commenting that despite being beaten with a bat and made to drink Domestos he was of the opinion that she wasn’t vulnerable.

I’d like to know just what his idea of vulnerable is!

Unsurprisingly there was somewhat of a row over his less than draconian sentencing.

Apparently Judge ‘Dick’ Mansell (spelt ‘Shit for Brains’) has belatedly decided to review the non -custodial sentence he imposed (or rather didn’t).

This is not on the basis that someone showed him how to Google the meaning of the word ‘vulnerable’ but because Mr Bashir – presumably pronounced ‘Bash –her’ was telling porkies about being offered a cricket contract.

The phrase ’not a bad judge’ certainly doesn’t apply to his ‘lordshit’

So – if you haven’t got the prospect of a professional sports job, I’d think twice before offering your Doris a snifter of Ajax.

On a lighter note there was a funny scene in the ‘Germans’ episode of Fawlty Towers where Basil and the Major discussed cricket. It was racist and has been cut from the show when it is shown now.

It may well not have been PC but nobody got beaten up with a bat or had corrosive bleach forced down their throat.

You can still see it on YouTube though if you Google ‘Fawlty Towers  Major cricket’



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