Emergency Eggsit

You would think that Theresa May would have her hands full with fucking Brexit, toddling around the Middle East, the nightmare in Syria and worrying about what the nutter in the White House was going to do next.

Apparently not – in an amazing demonstration of multi-tasking the PM has waded into the massive controversy over bleeding Cadbury, the National Trust and Easter. Backing up the Archbishop of York who thinks that Cadbury are spitting on their namesake’s grave over this blasphemy.

I have to declare an interest here – as an atheist I really have no worries about what Cadbury and the NT do over the long weekend.

You can call it Easter, Cadbury Porker day or NT Bonkers weekend for all I care. In fact I imagine bonking would be a more pleasurable activity than walking round old houses for four days.

But even accepting my considerable disinterest (in Easter not bonking, obviously) I find it hard to understand why anyone would get so worked up.

If you look at Cadbury eggs you’d be really hard pushed to know that they had anything to do with Easter.(that’s sarcasm your Archbishopness)

Apparently the National Trust website has more than 13,000 references to Easter and I pity the poor sod who had to count them to prove to May and the Archbishop that the word is actually still in common parlance.

Still it hasn’t stopped some NT members contacting the BBC to say that they were thinking of cancelling their membership – not speaking to the NT direct but presumably seeking a 15 seconds of fame on some obscure regional BBC channel.

“We spoke to Major and Mrs Completely Indignant from LowerTurnip on the Wold who are apoplectic about having to cross out a whole weekend from their ‘Upper Class Twit of the Year Calendar’

Personally I’d rather Mrs May focussed on stuff that actually matters – like sorting out fucking Breggsit!


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