I Name this…

An article in the Mirror today suggests that there are a shedload of names that are in danger of become extinct as they are far less favoured these days.


I understand the demise of Bertram and Cecil and thank god that the ‘TOWIE’ style favourites Tracy and Sharon also seem to be for the chop.

However the idea that Doris and Debra could be removed from the font seems a tad unrealistic in my view.

I thought my use of ‘font’ there was quite witty by the way – never mind!

This blog has worked tirelessly to keep the names Doris and Debbie at the forefront of popular culture.

Okay so ‘culture’ is stretching it a bit, but it is hard (ha ha) to argue that Debbie is not popular!

I will continue in my crusade to maintain these names in the public eye – and just to show solidarity I am off to watch my dvd of ‘Debbie Does Dallas – the Musical’

Here’s a clip –


Obviously I have the full version!



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