It’s a Mad Mad Mad World

Woke up this morning to learn that ‘The Don’ is preparing to solve the North Korea problem –

In an exclusive interview with the respected Financial Times, Mr Trump said it was “totally” possible for the US to tackle North Korea without China. Asked if that meant dealing with Pyongyang one on one, he said: “I don’t have to say any more. Totally.”  


So, that’s alright then – nothing to worry about. Just what we need two loonies facing off and not wanting to lose face!

We have nothing to feel smug about on our side of the Atlantic either – yesterday Michael Howard said that we would go to war with Spain over Gibraltar. –

Theresa May would be prepared to go to war to protect Gibraltar as Margaret Thatcher once did for the Falklands, former Conservative leader Michael Howard has suggested, in comments that were immediately criticised as inflammatory. 


Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary confirmed that we would protect the sovereignty of Gibraltar – although he did accept that Spain had not raised any question of sovereignty.

If I was being cynical I might think that the absurd jingoistic statement by ‘Howard’s End’ was designed to enflame anti EU feelings in the press in advance of the likely tough Brexit negotiations.

Surely the Tories aren’t that devious are they?

At least the Daily Express is adopting their normal balanced and considered approach –

The lunatics are really taking over the asylum – who the fuck voted for all these idiots?

I remember a famous quote from a bloke who did know what he was doing –


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