The Magnificent Seven

Yesterday in Dublin the second English team in the last couple of weeks came a cropper against the Irish. I got that one wrong!

However I did get all 7 of my Super Rugby predictions correct!

Add this to the 8 (out of 8) I managed last week and my cumulative total for the first 6 rounds is now just shy of 92%.

I got my calculator out (well, abacus) and it took me some time to work out that even if I get the rest of the results right for the season, including the play-offs and final then I will have 113% when the last game finishes.

My old maths teacher, Jock Gordon would be right chuffed I expect – although he’s almost certainly pushing up the daisies by now.

I was a bit off on the actual scores I guessed at, but you can’t have everything can you – well not unless you’re Prince Harry, obviously.

I just love looking at the overall standings after each round – it’s better than ‘HIGNFY’ for a good laugh.

The Brumbies remain in 4th with 11 points having won just 2 of their 5 games and with a massive points difference advantage of 10.

The daft Super Rugby format means that the next 6 teams (i.e. 5th to 10th) all have a load more points – twice as many in the case of the Chiefs whose positive points difference is 61.

In the current table the Sharks (18) and the Highlanders (14) would both miss the play-offs despite having better records than the Brumbies.

Sanzaar  say that the format might need adjusting – you think?


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