London Calling

Terry’s Christmas present was a few days out in London with Lell. To be truthful it was really a chance to get away from me – the girls just happened to decide to go to London.

Lell, as always, took charge of Terry, her case, her wheelie and the big bag of meds that needed to be lugged about.

They said they were going to museums and exhibitions and stuff – and I was really sorry that I couldn’t be there!!

As far as I can tell though they mostly spent their time eating chocolate and cake.

Yesterday my brother Nick and his wife Chris joined them for lunch and I came too (Terry said it was about time I came to!).

Nearly 7 years ago on our 40th Terry and I had planned a weekend in London, but she was sadly too ill to go anywhere back then. So Lell treated us to ‘Les Miserables’ for a joint ‘Mother & Father’s day present.

We’ve all seen it before (Lell’s into double figures!) and it was just as brilliant this time around. No doubt me liking musicals and opera will only serve to confirm the suspicions that Harro and Airdy have had about me for some time.

‘The Glums’ was panned by the critics when it first played nearly 32 years ago and has since been seen by over 70 million worldwide apparently – not sure how they calculate Lell’s visits.

So, obviously a bunch of critics who know what they are talking about.

Lell has a thing on her phone that sounded like a  ‘Tuba’ or something, and it lets you instantly summon a motorised carriage. It’s a bit like rubbing a magic lantern cos a bloke pitches up in a few minutes and whizzes you off to your destination.

This is no mean feat in London – the pavements, theatres, restaurants and pubs were so totally rammed that you’d be hard pressed to imagine that anyone is having a hard time making ends meet. Perhaps that’s why those in the cosy suburb of Westminster are so bleeding confident that everything is rosy.

We got the choo choo home and went straight to bed. Terry was so knacked that I had to wake her up at 10.30 this morning – I was bloody hungry she needed to sort out my breakfast. Bit inconsiderate of her eh?

Thanks for everything Lell xx.





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