Head First

Apparently Heineken have challenged Nick Easter and Ugo Monye to do a bungee jump at the 2017 European cup finals at Murrayfield –


But they’re going to need to have nerves of absolute steel to take on the challenge Heineken has set them.

Either Easter or Monye, who both represented Harlequins in their playing careers, must bungee jump at the 2017 European cup finals at Murrayfield.

But the catch is neither star knows who is set to take the dramatic plunge, as it will be decided on the day… with a coin toss.

Nerves of steel?

Do me a favour, I’ve done 3 of the bloody things including the one in NZ that Nick Easter did in 2011 at the World Cup (along with other England players) –


If it took even a modicum of bravery there is no way I would have stood on a platform with my legs tied together and dived head first into a river 440 feet below!

Much less have done three of the bastards.

Jesus – what the fuck was I thinking?

Trust me – it looks a lot more dramatic than it really is – you just have to be a bit stupid – so I qualified in spades!

At least Nick or Ugo will be doing it in aid of charity – me, I just thought it might be fun. And the truth is – it was.


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