Host Busters

In a remarkable gesture of generosity a bloke from New Zealand has set up a Facebook page encouraging Kiwis to offer free accommodation to Lions fans who may be struggling to find places to stay –

The “Adopt a Lions Fan 2017” Facebook page has been created because of a lack of affordable lodgings for the estimated 20,000 fans who will make the journey.

“I really hope friendships will develop out of this, because rugby is a great vehicle for it,” said organiser Adam Gilshnan.

“We don’t want money to change hands at all, we want visitors to experience the famed Kiwi hospitality, and give Kiwi rugby fans the opportunity to look after their Lions guests.”

More than 100 participants have already posted on the page.

The above number is out of date and the page is getting a lot of traffic and good comments.

Here’s a link to a video of Adam who had the idea –

Hotel and motel accommodation in Wellington is sold out for the 1 July Test and it’s the same story for the 13 June match against the Highlanders in Dunedin.

Around 90% of rooms are booked in other cities for the matches, which run from 3 June to 14 July.

An unofficial British Lions fans page responded to Glishnan’s offer on Facebook saying its members were “overwhelmed with the kindness of all these amazing Kiwis”.

Who you gonna call?

Brilliant and in the true spirit of rugby!

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