Uncharitable Donations

I’m a big admirer of Richard Curtis and the Comic Relief Red Nose day collection. It was a great idea and generates incredible amounts of money for good causes.

Having said that, these days I never watch the, supposedly funny, marathon stuff on TV.

I did watch it in the past but to be honest found most of it very unfunny. The two ‘specials’ that I can remember laughing at were the ‘Outnumbered’ ones from a few years ago –



The rest are mostly toe curlingly embarrassing – in particular soap stars and pop acts trying (and largely failing) to be amusing.

The one I wanted to see this year was the ‘Love Actually’ film – so I waited until Saturday and watched it on YouTube.



Having said all that it remains a brilliant cause and worth donating, just as long as you don’t have to watch it.

What I did think was uncharitable was the complaints over some of the ‘sketches’ that were included on Friday –


If you don’t like the programme – which I fully understand – just send your money and do what I did watch something else – there are hundreds of bloody channels, not all of them with reality crap on thank good ness.

Don’t complain for fuck’s sake, you muppets!

Me? – I watched the Bristol v Gloucester game!


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