Brown Nose Days

If you’ve been here before you will already have gathered how much I hate reality TV,  the obsession with celebrity culture (now there’s an oxymoron for you) and the new desire to make stupid people famous.

Here’s another of my pet hates – chat shows on TV and radio.

An endless procession of stars with new films, records, books, TV shows and other stuff are paraded in order to self- promote. Actually that’s okay I guess and has been going on forever.

What really gets on my tits is the fawning by the hosts over every guest that pitches up.

We get a gushing sycophantic catalogue of “you’re an absolute genius”. “That is my favourite ever record of all time”. “Oh I loved you in that”, “ you are the funniest person on the planet” “ that was the greatest goal ever scored” and “ can I shag you after we get off the air?”. Okay – so I made the last one up, although it is probably often the subtext.

It sounds even more hollow when they say exactly the same thing to different guests the next week!

Wouldn’t it be great if just one of the interviewers said something like –

“What the fuck were you thinking accepting that script?”

“You looked a right nob in that outfit”

“That last single was a bit shit wasn’t it”

“How pissed were you when you wrote that?” or

“Did you seriously think people were going to like that?”

Of course it won’t ever happen but I bet it would help the ratings a lot.





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