Pay Back

There are an increasing number of firms being fined huge sums for misleading or cheating the public.

Just today it was announced that BT are going to have to fork out £42 million because they were slow in knocking out high speed internet thingies –

I’m all for this retribution when stuff doesn’t work and I have written today to Health Secretary Jeremy Isaac Hunt to complain about a product I bought that frankly was a complete waste of a quid.

I am hoping that he doesn’t add this to all the other issues he chooses to ignore.

I’ve been using this stuff for nearly two weeks and the results are seriously disappointing – instead of now looking like George Clooney I am starting to look more like George Bush.

I think I deserve some recompense – I accept that £42 million may be too steep – but enough for a decent facelift would be handy.

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