Days Out

I had Saints down to win against Leicester on Saturday and to be honest I think I was robbed – as were Northampton.

In the last play of the first half Christian Day was diving for the corner to give Saints a fourth try and a bonus point. He didn’t make it – J P Pietersen knocked him into touch in what turned out to be a try saving tackle and probably giving Tigers the win.

The ref and TMO studied the replay for some time before deciding, quite rightly, that Day did put a foot in touch before he placed the ball over the goal line.

Fair enough you might think, but what the officials singularly failed to check is whether it was a fair tackle or simply a shoulder charge.

Because of my prediction I am naturally biased – so judge for yourselves –

The real question has to be why didn’t the TMO and ref question the no arms tackle?

I wasn’t the only one who was surprised – at the time of the incident Terry was on Facetime with Lin in Portugal and Airdy and I were shouting at each other about the miscarriage of justice. Airdy wasn’t even in the same room – and pretty soon neither was I, Terry taking the i-pad and buggering off.

The upshot was that I ended up with just 4 out of 6 for my Premiership predictions this week. The other one I cocked up was thinking Bristol would turn over Gloucester – they didn’t even come close to getting a result.

The top three all won and collected bonus points and look home and hosed for the play-offs, although only Wasps are guaranteed at the moment.

Tigers win put them in pole for the 4th place – but Bath, Quins and maybe even Saints are in with a shout.

At the bottom the Bristol loss and Worcester getting two bonus pints despite losing just about ensures that Bristol are going down. Worcester did well bearing in mind they played most of the second half with 14 after Bryce Heem was sent off for taking Willie le Roux out in the air.

No Premiership next weekend, it’s the European quarter finals, so at least my Premiership stats won’t get any worse!


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