My Grateful 8

Apologies to Quentin Tarantino for plagiarising his film title but I couldn’t think of another thing with 8 in it.

There were 8 Super Rugby games this weekend and amazingly I predicted the results of all of them (no – me either!)

For some peculiar reason I seem to be a lot better at guessing Super Rugby than the Premiership.

My cumulative total after 5 Super rounds has just gone over 90%!

My Premiership is going to take another bashing this week as so far I have just 2 out of 4 and need both Saracens and Wasps to do me a favour this afternoon.

I have to admit that whilst I managed to get all 8 Super ones right I was a bit out on the amount the Sunwolves would go down by – they were closer at the end than I thought – and had given the Stormers a right scare in the first half.

The table still looks odd although the Crusaders have at least leapt to the top having won all 5 of their matches. The Brumbies with just 2 wins and 11 points remain in 4th – the next 5 teams have at least as many points and 4 of them considerably more! Brumbies actually lost to the Sharks who have 6 more points but are 9th – 5 places below them.

Although the Super Rugby meeting took place several weeks ago there is still no announcement about the future of the competition – except to say that nothing will happen before a further meeting in Japan in May. Even then it may take further meetings and votes before a decision is agreed.

This can’t be much fun for the teams that are most likely in the firing line for the axe.

The four most likely to be vulnerable seem to be the Kings and Cheetahs in South Africa and the Australian franchises of the Rebels and Western Force.

However there has been a suggestion that the Brumbies could be chopped – based on financial considerations.

A lot will depend on broadcasters, viewing figures and match attendances.

I can’t say I’m that surprised – in two of the games I watched yesterday you could have got most of the crowd on the sofa next to me!



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