Rude Health

Trump lost the vote on his Health Care alternative to Obamacare and immediately blamed Democrats.

The bill’s defeat marked a second major policy setback for the new president, who has seen his attempt to curb travel from Muslim-majority countries twice frozen by the courts.

Instead of projecting humility, Trump went on the offensive Friday, branding Democrats as the real “losers” of the failed repeal bid

“We were very, very close” to securing enough support for the bill, Trump said in the Oval Office.

But with no Democratic backing, “we couldn’t quite get there.”

This is a bit like Boris giving Gove, a Sabatier for Christmas.

A really spectacular own goal – Republicans are in control of both Houses, so even his own side weren’t convinced that this was a smart move.

Obama got his bill through when he didn’t control Congress and the Senate!

Can’t wait to see Sean spin this one!



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