The Bitch is Back

Not that she ever went away unfortunately!

Katie Hopkins went on Fox News (that well known purveyor of total bollox) to tell America that ‘London is cowed’ by the latest terror attack at the Houses of Parliament –

Speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night, the failed Apprentice candidate dismissed the supportive hashtags and messages being spread across Twitter and said the country has never been more divided.

“People are cowed, people are afraid and people are not united. Great Britain is more disunited, more divided than at any other time in its past.

The rest of her crap is in the link – it’s too stupid to repeat here to be honest.

Almost as moronic was Farage in his comments – also to ‘For Fox Sake News’ –

In a diametrically opposed broadcast Andrew Neil summed up the real feelings of us Brits –

Hopkins  is no doubt touting herself about to try and raise a few bob after she recently lost a court case for libel brought by Jack Monroe –


She is facing a bill of £120,000 and is probably not using the phrase ‘I’m alright Jack’

Hopkins makes Piers Morgan sound like Ghandi

She’s known to be a fan of the Trump – so if Fox News want her they are very welcome – her lies will fit right in!

Don reciprocates about her too – which is a bit like being endorsed by a  cabbage!


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