Beer Pressure

At Askeans after a game you always knew that things were going to get a bit lively when you heard someone order 6 pints of ‘throwing bitter’. Frequently we ended up having to change back into muddy kit because our normal clobber was drenched through.I’m joking of course – we hardly ever changed and simply headed off to the Curry Queen reeking of Courage Best.

Beer is a staple of British life – even (or especially) when it’s just sloshed about. This may well now change – thanks to fucking Brexit –

Tesco are axing 30 popular brands including Heineken, Amstel, Sol and Tiger.

Why? You guessed it, Brexit.

The supermarket giant has pulled more than half of the Heineken beers and ciders from their shelves in a stand against planned price hikes.

Thanks very much Boris and co!

To be honest I’m not that sorry that Heineken are going to be dumped off the shelf – not after they are planning this –

Zero alcohol lager? – I mean what’s the point of that for fuck’s sake?

One lot has suggested that a no alcohol cider would be a good idea – it’s already here, you muppet – it’s called apple juice!


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