Making a Point

The 6 Nations 2017 was the first to feature bonus points and 11 were gained in all.

England managed 3 (2 x tries and 1 losing) whilst Ireland, France and Scotland scored one of each and Wales had 2 losing bonuses.


The table wouldn’t have been any different under the old system – England 8, Ireland, France and Scotland 6 and Wales 4. Italy still 0

The danger is that John Feehan (CEO of 6 N) will decide that bonus points are not needed – he has already stated that he doesn’t like the idea –

“We are not saying we are right in introducing bonus points. It remains to be seen. It could go the wrong way too. It could be that home teams start to win repeatedly. What you are looking for is a level of uncertainty.

“It will be reviewed every year. If we get a significantly bad result out of it this year it will be changed next year but I can’t see that happening.

“We are not stupid. Even if we got a marginal wrong result this year you would have to give it time, perhaps a couple of seasons, to see if it changes people’s approach to the game.

Hopefully they will give it a couple of more seasons at least.

I think the 6 Nations is the only major tournament not to award bonus pints – and that includes the World Cup. Obviously everyone else is wrong!

Still – you know best dear!




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