Unlucky for Me

So – I got the two games in Donnybrook right, all of the 8 Super Rugby predictions on the money, plus the first two 6 Nations calls.

The number 13 match was my downfall – unfortunately that was the one in Dublin!

Thanks to the Sky record button I managed to watch 10 of the 13 games – missing the last 3 super Rugby games. I had recorded more but after Dublin I wasn’t in the mood to be honest.

Terry finally got round to speaking to me around 11 am this morning – that was until I told her that there’s the Anglo Welsh Final on this afternoon.

She was looking at the i-pad about half an hour ago and asked me how you spell ‘solicitor’ – she didn’t look too pleased when I told her to Google it!

I can’t worry about her wanting to sue some poor sod when there’s a sofa and a pasty with my name on it can I?


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