If you want to know – Just Axe

The debate and speculation about when (the if has been dropped)  and how many Super Rugby teams need to be axed continues.  I guess Sanzaar will wait a while before an official announcement if only not to bugger up the 2017 competition.

An article today in the New Zealand Herald included some interesting statistics about the worst performing sides –


Amid all the uncertainty surrounding the overhaul to Super Rugby, one thing seems clear: there is no shortage of dead wood to chop. Eighteen teams is too many for this competition to sustain, and Sanzaar would be wise to follow the perceived wisdom and sentence three sides to a merciful death. But which? Well, there are seven current franchises with a winning record below 40 per cent

Sanzaar should reconsider and dump four teams. Seriously. Based on performance only, how can the Sunwolves, Kings, Force or Cheetahs justify their continued existence? If it’s only three, the Sunwolves barely survive. There is, at least, potential for growth in Japan, something boasted by none of the other strugglers.


14 teams all playing each other would be a step in the right direction and help get rid of the current complex and unfair structure.

Be nice if they sorted it out before I pop off to meet the choir invisible

Still, as Basil says “You know best dear”


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