For Fox Sake!

It’s not just us on this side of the Atlantic that thinks Trump is as mad as a bicycle.

Our good friend Lyn from the States sent us this interesting note about the fake stuff being shoved out by Fox News –

‘Way back on the morning after the opening day of the RNC, after Melania had given that speech which  plagiarized much of Michelle’s earlier speech, there was a clever guy on NPR who pointed out how much time & effort the top media outlets had spent on that to the expense of not covering more significant (that is, racist, misogynist, incredible, baseless, scary, absurd) statements made by the other so-called keynote speakers & those close, but behind-the-scenes, to Trump on the same day. And to some extent, the pattern has continued…there have been so many stories/statements that needed to be clarified, verified, chasing our tail with their illogic non-sense.

Consider how much time, effort, resources has been expended by the press & how many agencies? committees? on this latest absurd claim?

He makes a totally unsubstantiated claim & then says it’s up to others to investigate & prove him right. And then when they say, there’s no evidence, he claims ‘See? I told you they were lying/incompetent /useless?’ Why can’t we simply say, when he makes some idiotic claim, ok….when you show us some proof, evidence, then we’ll report it? We are in the NEWS business (well, except for that oxymoron, Fox News which invents its own “news”—real quotation marks, not air quotes!) Didn’t your mum teach you when you were knee-high that if you accused your brother of breaking the lamp, you better have the evidence to prove it? It’s not up to the next door neighbours to figure out!


Meanwhile, how ’bout we tell Sean that that’s what the Queen’s been carrying in her handbag? A mini-microwave! Who’d suspect that granny of being 007! She’s the best secret agent you’ve got!!

Oh, I hope Angela gives him what-for today!!! Go, girl!!

Love to you all! Have a great weekend!!

Unfortunately Lyn was wrong about Don’s meet up with the ‘oddly pronounced’ Angela.

At the conference with Angie, he made a ‘joke’ about the wire-tapping fiasco –

Donald Trump appeared to leave Angela Merkel completely stunned after he suggested the one thing they have in common is they’ve both been wiretapped by Barack Obama.

During a joint press conference from the White House on Friday afternoon, the President was answering a question on the debacle surrounding claims Britain’s GCHQ had Trump Tower wiretapped on behalf of the former administration.

Just hours earlier the White House was forced to issue an apology for the allegation, which was originally made by Fox News and then repeated by Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday.

If you want a good laugh (or to stoke your paranoia) read the whole article.

And if you still aren’t just a little bit worried about the bloke who has the nuclear codes  have a butcher’s at this one –

US military action against North Korea is “an option on the table”, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned at a news conference in Seoul on Friday (17 March).

US envoy Nikki Haley says Kim Jong-un ‘is not a rational person’

Oh spiffing – still at least Kim Jong Un is known to be a reasonable and stable bloke – so nothing to worry about there then!





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