Tap Dance

Obviously Sean Spaceman didn’t have time to read the blog yesterday (‘Stop Digging’), otherwise he would surely have stopped going on about the supposed ‘wire -tapping’ of Don’s chats by Barrack Obama last year.

Sean is now up there accusing GCHQ of being the one’s responsible – so not the FBI, CIA, or those other super subversive outfits, the WI and Pizza Hut then eh Sean?



He referenced comments from Fox News – and might as well have asked a real bleeding fox to be honest –

In an attempt to provide credibility to the claims, Mr Spicer quoted from a series of articles which discussed surveillance.

He referenced comments made earlier this week on Fox News TV by former judge Andrew Napolitano in relation to Mr Trump’s controversial claim that wiretaps had been installed at his New York residence:

Last on Fox News, on March 14th, Judge Andrew Napolitano made the following statement, quote, ‘Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI and he didn’t use the Department of Justice. He used GCHQ. What is that? It’s the initials for the British intelligence finding agency.

He then repeated the claims –


GCHQ who never normally confirm or deny any news comments said

“Recent allegations made by media commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano about GCHQ being asked to conduct ‘wiretapping’ against the then president elect are nonsense.

“They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored.”

And then an hour ago came this –


The US has made a formal apology to Britain after the White House accused GCHQ of helping Barack Obama spy on Donald Trump in the White House.

Intelligence sources told The Telegraph that both Mr Spicer and General McMaster, the US National Security Adviser, have apologised over the claims. “The apology came direct from them,” a source said. 

Mr Spicer had earlier repeated claims that Barack Obama used GCHQ to spy on Mr Trump before he became president.

I’m not sure who else Sean can pick on now, but I can assure him that my technology skills are not too spiffy so it probably wouldn’t be too smart to put me in the frame.

Mind you, there was a bloke down the Turnip Town top boozer the other day knocking out some iffy looking microwave ovens. I think he could be your man Sean.


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