Go Compare

Ever since England got within spitting distance of the All Black record of an unbeaten 18 game run, the comparisons between the two teams have been the subject of much speculation.


Personally I still feel that the ABs are some way ahead of us at the moment – but that the gap is closing.

There is now a suggestion that the RFU and NZRU are discussing the potential for a match up in November with a big bag of cash being offered as an incentive.

I don’t think it will come off – there is likely to be opposition from the Premiership clubs and the whole idea of player welfare and burn-out will be trashed if it goes ahead.



Having said that I think everyone would like to see the two sides play off before the agreed next date which is in late 2018. Until then the debate will continue unabated.

Of more concern is the growing number of articles which seek to denigrate and diminish Eddie Jones ability as a coach.

The word ‘lucky’ appears in most, together with mention of some ancient historic references to when he wasn’t so successful.

What a load of bollox – anyone who can achieve a 17 match unbeaten run and move a team from 8th to 2nd in the world rankings must have a bit of a clue as to what he is doing don’t you think?

No coach in any sport is successful all the time – Sir Alec Ferguson was nearly sacked by Man U in the early seasons – and then went on to be their most successful manager ever.


The criticism of Eddie comes primarily from the Southern hemisphere – big fucking surprise! You don’t hear much from the English fans.

As Sam Goldwyn said “the harder I work, the luckier I get”

Stay lucky, Eddie.


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