Glass Houses

Amongst all the chest beating from the NZ media is a funny piss take in the New Zealand Herald –

The England rugby source told the Herald: “We have been continually disadvantaged since 1987, with the schedule being arranged without consulting us first about our form.

“We’ve got a lot of money to throw about and we’re happy to throw it but not in years when our best inside backs are injured, the locks are struggling at lineout and there hasn’t been time to bed in our latest league recruit.”

The source said that England were looking to stage this year’s additional test against the All Blacks in November, but if their October training runs were going particularly well, they might seek to have the game moved forward.

“It’s a fluid situation moving forward,” said the highly placed source. “Indian cricket has shown how to run a sport and we used to run India.”

Of course it is denigrating, but it is funny and you know what they say –  “if you can’t laugh at yourself….”

Pity that most of the New Zealand media are so myopic that they can’t ever see any faults in their own backyard – of which there are many, not least, off the pitch!



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