In Denial

There are several old jokes about being caught in bed with someone else by your partner. I quite like the one where the bloke looks totally shocked at the ‘not his wife’ Doris next to him and exclaims “who the bloody hell are you?”

But my favourite is –

A man catches his wife in bed with another man and yells “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” His wife turns to the man she’s in bed with and says “see, I told you he’s an idiot!”

But neither of these are anywhere near as funny as the denial stuff that Sean Spicer is putting out in his press briefings.

It seems that Trumpton wasn’t talking literally or specifically when he said that Barrack Obama had wire tapped him –

I don’t know about you Sean, but the tweets looked quite literal and pretty specific to me!

Sean’s stand up is getting better – there’s the recent reference to an Atlanta terrorist attack – not sure which one he means – the last one was 21 years ago!

But his best one is when he said the American people can trust Donald Trump’s words “if he’s not joking.”

“The bottom line is the question is still not answered. Can you say affirmatively that whenever the president says something, we can trust it to be real?”

“If he’s not joking!” Spicer exclaimed.

Good one Sean – right up there with the Baldrick at Blackadder’s trial

This one is going to run and run –  and sadly it seems, so is the Don!


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