Round Up

I managed to get all three of the 6 Nations results right – although I was some way out on the points differences I expected.

I had Wales by 7 – they finished 13 up.

I said France would get a cricket score – they won by 22 and only just managed to get a bonus point!

Worst (or best) of all I had England by 13 – they managed to be out of sight with a 40 point difference.

I fared less well in Super Rugby with 6 out of 8.


I was let down by the Chiefs and the Jaguares – both of whom won at home when I expected the Hurricanes and the Lions to travel better than they did.

I have just e-mailed Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox in the hope that they can explain the overall standings in this year’s Super Rugby so far.

The Crusaders are unbeaten with 12 points and lie in 5th – behind the Sharks who have lost one game and have 9 points and (unbelievably) below the Brumbies who have lost 2 out of 3 and only have 6 points!

The Crusaders are not alone several teams with 9 points are also lower in the table than teams with just 6.

The Brumbies are in 4th although there are 8 teams with more points!

Do they get a bonus for having better haircuts or more tasteful tattoos?

So Stephen – how the fuck does that work then?

A statement from Sanzaar indicates that the mess that is Super 18 will be addressed soon –

“There are a number of tournament considerations that now require further discussion and consultation,” SANZAAR Chief Executive Andy Marinos said in a statement.

“This includes final consultation within the national unions and discussion with key stakeholders that would allow the adoption of changes proposed by the strategic plan.”

Marinos added they expected to make an announcement “in the coming days” once those discussions had been finalised.

I wonder if this ‘strategic plan’ includes an explanation of how the overall standings are worked out – at the moment it looks about as sensible as the Brexit plan

Or one of Baldrick’s efforts!


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