Electric Jock Treatment

Despite not playing very convincingly in the first three rounds of the 6 Nations, England started the game yesterday on top of the table.

A few minutes after 4 o’clock it was apparent that they had turned up this week – and boy did they ever turn up!

During the week the papers were full of Scottish bravado about this was their time and what they were going to do to England and Twickenham “We can beat anyone” was the cry. Unfortunately it turned out that they were playing England not the ‘Anyone’ XV they must have been talking about.

A few weeks ago Jim Telfer made a comment that turned out to be quite prophetic –

“Jones doesn’t want to beat teams, he wants to demolish them, which I find a little bit disappointing.”

I guess Jim is probably feeling a little bit disappointed this morning then!

Eddie Jones is on a journey with Japan 2019 the destination – he concedes that England are not yet up to the All Blacks standards – but let’s face it, it seems that they are getting closer.

Earlier in the week the New Zealand media were quick to diminish the fact that England might equal the ABs record of unbeaten games for a Tier 1 nation – pointing out that they have not played the men in black during the run. It should be noted that in the All Blacks 18 wins, they did not play England.-


More interesting was Steve Hansen’s reaction after the demolition of Scotland –


“We always thought England had plenty of talent but did not want to work hard but they are doing that under Eddie and loving it.

“The harder you work, the more results you get so it is no surprise they are putting a run together that is pretty impressive.”

The All Blacks are still the pinnacle of rugby excellence – but Eddie Jones has ambitions to climb that mountain!


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