A Frank Explanation

The posts here this weekend are likely to be quite sparse and even more dull than usual.

Frank and Petula came down for the weekend yesterday afternoon and whilst they (and Terry, obviously) seem more than happy for me to be locked away upstairs, I feel a natural compunction to go down and be my usual annoying self.

Frank and I watched the pre-amble and the game from Cardiff last night, while the girls were….actually, now I come to think of it, I’m not sure what they were doing….or  indeed, where they were.

After the game and the pundits’ review and a catch up on the Super Rugby re-run, we eventually found them in the other room – they seemed a bit miffed about something….. & I have no idea why – it couldn’t have been anything we’d done – we hadn’t even been there!

Harro was fairly restrained in his texts – apart from the usual abuse he just wanted the Irish to win so that the showdown would be in Dublin next week. I pointed out that first we’d have to see off the Jocks – he fully took my perceptive observation on board commenting “fuck off, you dickhead”.

This became somewhat irrelevant when Jamie Roberts touched down under the posts.

I couldn’t understand the debate in the studio over Henshaw being penalised when he joined the maul ahead of Rory Best – if a numpty like me spotted it, then you would have expected the ‘experts’ to have been on the ball (sic) – perhaps they were all at the hospitality table stuffing their faces.

The match was brutal in its physicality, but frankly I didn’t see anything that is likely to scare the All Blacks in terms of the Lions tour.

Murray and Sexton – even when being knocked about –  look like they will be the starting half backs in June. However I think that Jonny does overdo the loop round a bit much – it might fool those in the 6 Nations but he will be asking for trouble if he tries it too often against Reed and co.!

So – the upshot is that the winner at Twickenham today will probably also win the 6 Nations – definitely if it’s England and almost certainly if Scotland triumph (just off to wash my mouth out).

I have to go now – Frank said that the Italy v France is starting soon – I bet the girls are going to be right chuffed!



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