Head Case

In the Toulouse v La Rochelle game on Sunday winger Alexis Palisson set himself to take down flying Fijian Levani Botia.

Alexis was munched big time –


He got back up – but as you can see towards the end of the clip – his legs were gone and he could hardly stand

Not surprisingly he was taken off for an HIA – but staggeringly (an appropriate description) he was sent back to the field having apparently passing all the protocol tests.

It is hard to believe that, following such a hit, he was deemed fit enough to return.

Toulouse have form for this – in 2014 Florian Fritz was in trouble after getting a knee to the head –


He was allowed to return to the game shortly after having to be helped off –


Whilst the laws on concussion and HIA have vastly improved they patently aren’t working or being followed properly if these incidents are happening.


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