French Toast

England U18 grilled their French counterparts on Sunday by 43-14 scoring 7 tries –

As I indicated on Saturday, the son of Ivan Refell, an old teammate at Askeans was playing for England in the number 7 shirt.

I couldn’t find the game on TV or streaming but Phil Amato (another mate I played at Askeans with) kindly sent me this link –

All of the England players are signed up with Premiership clubs and they look a lot older than I did at 17!

Congratulations to Sean and his proud old man, Ivan (although not as old as me, obviously)


2 thoughts on “French Toast

  1. Hi Dave. A fantastic achievement for Sean. This is the elite England U18, where the players are drawn from the Premiership Academies, which in turn feeds into the Elite U20 team currently contesting their own 6N – last years intake are the current Junior World Champs (of course including Matt Gallagher, John’s son). There is a further U18 team – England Counties U18 which is drawn from the rest of the game, and plays in the Wellington Festival against the developing nations.

    • Mike hi, Ivan must be very proud- I don’t know if it was Sean’s first cap! I think Matt is at Saracens with Matt. Will be interesting to follow their progress. take care, Dave

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