Fight Club

A Russian bloke has come up with the idea for a new sport – ‘Football Hooliganism’ –

This bloke is a politician, a lawmaker and a skinhead by the looks of it! – I can only imagine that he is being used as cannon fodder to take the heat off the stuff that is coming out of America regarding the Russians and the Presidential election. If it was meant to be distracting, it might just have been stupid enough to have worked – well, right up until the time that Don came out with the ‘wire-tapping bollocks anyway!

You couldn’t make it up –

A Russian lawmaker has proposed an unorthodox solution to the country’s problems with football hooliganism ahead of next year’s World Cup — legalise it and make it a spectator sport. 

Organised groups of Russian fans, many with martial arts training, fought English fans on the streets of Marseille during last year’s European Championship. 

That inspired Igor Lebedev, who sits in the Russian parliament, to draw up rules for what he calls “draka,” the Russian word for “fight” — 20 fighters on each side, unarmed, in an arena. 

It isn’t the first time Lebedev has courted controversy with his views on hooligans. He hailed the violence in Marseille last year, telling Russian fans: “Well done lads, keep it up!” 

I suspect there is a hidden motive and that Igor is hoping to have it recognised as an Olympic sport in time for 2020. However the Russian record for drug and alcohol abuse in sport would seem to ensure that they are banned from any Olympic ‘Kick the Shit’ event since their mad fuckers are almost certainly to be off their faces when the Doping Agency pops round.

I smell an opportunity – we used to be good at this stuff – & I can sense a bronze might just be within reach to add to the Team GB haul in Japan. Although knowing the ‘politically correct’ brigade, I suspect we might decline to enter a team of our own nutters – seems a shame.


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