Comedy Gold

Over the years there have been some really good political comedy programmes – ‘The Thick of it’ and ‘Veep’ among the best in my view.

Now however they are being usurped by a reality TV comedy that looks like it will run for 4 years – possibly 8.

Don’s reality ‘Tripe House’ is as amusing as anything else I’ve seen

Including ‘Blackadder’, ‘Only Fools’ and Fawlty Towers’ – although, to be fair I think Don has plagiarised some of Basil’s foibles!

Whenever anyone says anything even remotely negative about Chump he immediately goes on Twitter to denounce it as ‘fake news’ and then, in the same breath makes up with some hilarious nonsense about them. Obviously there is no need for him to furnish proof – it’s a comedy for fuck’s sake, you have to suspend disbelief to get the joke. I mean, nobody would really attack his car with a load of twigs, or pretend to be mad to get out of going over the top, or make up stories about massacres that didn’t happen would they?

It wouldn’t be funny if it were real.

Timing is everything in comedy and Don has that in spades (no pun intended – not by me anyway).

Just yesterday Don claimed he was wire-tapped by Barrack Obama – to prevent this being a ‘pull back to reveal no trousers’ type joke he didn’t offer any proof – hysterical or what?

Unfortunately there are some scenes from the show that have been left on the cutting room floor –

Apparently President Trump had gone “ballistic” at an Oval Office meeting on Friday, in particular at the decision of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to remove himself from an investigation into alleged Russian interference in the election

Shame that has been edited out – it would have been worth seeing I think.

There’s even a couple of spin-off programmes  – a bit like ‘Talking Dead’, ‘You’re Fired’ which follow the uproarious antics of the Don and where the audience give their opinions –

And this one is seriously funny –

Can’t wait for the next episode!



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