From Russia with (not so much) Love

It’s been some time since I mentioned Donald – well about a week, anyway – but once again his camp have come up Trumps!

Another controversy in the States has seen Don claiming there’s a ‘witch hunt’ over Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his claim not to have chatted with some Russian bloke.

This is beginning to sound very much like Michael Flynn who claimed ‘he couldn’t be certain he hadn’t discussed sanctions in telephone calls’ to the same Russian bloke.

According to McDonald,  Jeff is an ‘honest man’ – but that he “could have stated his response more accurately and it was clearly not intentional”. Which sounds to like he knew he was telling a porky.

Maybe Jeff had been on a serious ‘session’ and didn’t remember meeting a bloke with rather a strong accent – mind you I don’t quite see how he could have missed him – not least at the buffet table to be honest.

It seems to me that if Don keeps on appointing blokes (and Doris – don’t forget Kellyanne) who either tell porkies, are too pissed to remember or are in some early state of amnesia then he should be a tad more careful with his recruitment policy.

These series of errors come as a huge surprise to me, especially as the new President is famous for his total honesty and absolute integrity.


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