Deserting Desert

I have mentioned a number of ‘runners’ that I was involved in over my rugby career – and a couple after I supposedly grew up (see ‘Runners and Riders’ and ‘Late Runners’). There have been others mentioned including  several led by John Gilbert and two rather embarrassing ones – one with Farrally and the other with Rich when he was 15.

The most difficult one was in 1967 when I had a broken ankle and was  in plaster & on crutches – again the humiliating details have been recorded here somewhere.

Obviously if you are plod, these were all a figment of my imagination – and in any case, the Curry Queen has been a video shop and a drycleaners in the interim. I think I heard they now specialise in ‘regal thighs’ which I imagine are some sort of poultry delicacy.

None of these come anywhere near as impressive in terms of sheer numbers as one that took place in Spain recently –

120 is a serious number – in Penarth one year we struggled to get 16 of us out without everyone falling over each other. We did do an unintentional one from a Chinese one Christmas when the whole ad agency (around 40 of us) left thinking someone else had settled up.

The bunch in Spain must have taken some organisation –

The diners had consumed starters, a main course and 30 bottles of various alcoholic drinks, the owner said, adding that it was the first time in 35 years of working in the restaurant trade that he had seen anything comparable.

Not quite full marks though – they all buggered off before the Tarta de Santiago was dished up.

We would never have even thought of departing until the bill had been presented. Lightweights.


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